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Be a part of Down to Earth Month 2019

Wineries are invited to create green-themed tours, activities or offers this April to celebrate the 8th annual Down to Earth (D2E) month campaign.

Wine Institute members’, California winery and grower associations’ and DMOs’* events will be featured on the Discover California Wines D2E landing page and as part of Wine Institute’s publicity, social media and trade outreach campaign highlighting California wine’s sustainable leadership.

Examples of past year’s events include vineyard eco-tours, cork and capsule drives, complimentary tastings for winery visitors arriving by bike or other green means, and winemaker dinners featuring sustainably produced wines and foods.

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* Events must include Wine Institute members. Wine retailer and restaurant events cannot be accepted due to California ABC restrictions.

Social Media

Promote your participation by using the hashtag #D2EMonth on your social posts. Follow us, share and retweet D2E photos on your social networks.

Need some inspiration? Use these templates:

We’re celebrating Down To Earth Month in California, highlighting the Golden State’s commitment to sustainable winegrowing! Special tours, tastings and events are taking place at wineries and vineyards throughout the state. We hope you’ll join us!

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Happy Earth Day! California’s wine industry is celebrating our commitment to sustainability: protecting our soil, air and water develops flavor in our grapes and wines while ensuring the health of our land and our industry for generations to come. Cheers to Down To Earth Month!

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