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California Masters of Wine Tour

50 Masters of Wine from 16 countries participated in a once-in-a-lifetime tour of California wines in October 2018, which showcased 300 vintners and 600 wines from 60 AVAs throughout the state. Touring California wine regions for 10 days through the Central Coast and North Coast areas, and tasting wines from across the state, the highly regarded group included sommeliers, wine retailers, restaurateurs, wine writers and other leaders in the global hospitality industry. The event, the Masters of Wine “California Dreamin’ Tour,” was a collaboration between Wine Institute and the London-based Institute of Masters of Wine.

Veraison: Flavor from Color

Veraison is the stage in the growing season when winegrapes change color from green to red and begin to develop flavor.

California Drive

A drive through California shows how the state’s 800 miles coastline and unique landscape create diverse microclimates for wine.

Road Trip

California Wine Month in September was proclaimed by Governor Jerry Brown to highlight the state’s rich wine history and all that its vintners and growers add to the lifestyle and economy of the Golden State. September is harvest time and the perfect time to toast the state’s ideal winegrowing climate, beautiful wine country landscape, our talented and ingenious winemaking families, our celebrated lifestyle and cuisine, and our commitment to sustainability and the environment.


Discover how a winegrape variety from the Caucasus mountains found the perfect home in California.

That Amazing Elixir

California winemaker Jean-Charles Boisset on the power of wine to bring people together.

Discover California Wines

This 3-minute video takes viewers on a stunning, end-to-end road trip of California, from a wine insider’s perspective.

Green Tour

California’s wineries and vineyards lead the world in the adoption of sustainable practices that benefit the environment, community and high quality wine.

A Moment in Time

A glass of wine is a snapshot of always evolving wines and palates.

Rock Demo

How vineyard rocks hold winter rain for summer’s vines.

Dry Farming

How vines can thrive in California’s arid climate.

Food Tour

Whether you’re a California local or just want to live like one, this visual feast is sure to whet your appetite for pairing California wines with fresh and innovative California-style cuisine.

Wine: Art, Science, Nature

The weather, the grapes, the vineyard, the winemaker—all of these combine to make a glass of California wine.

The Smell of the Cellar

Some California winemakers try to put into words what the smell of the cellar evokes for them.

California Is

For winemakers, California is a place of endless possibility.


Small differences in weather and topography can make a big difference in the quality and flavor of California wines.