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Wine Institute is an association of 1,000 California wineries and wine-related businesses that initiate and advocate public policy to enhance the environment for the responsible production, consumption and enjoyment of wine. Wine Institute contributes to the economic and environmental vitality of California and the U.S. through leadership in sustainable winegrowing, an international marketing program that promotes awareness of and appreciation for California wines throughout the world and a partnership with Visit California to showcase the state’s diverse and abundant wine and food offerings.

Wine Institute
915 L Street, Suite 1190
Sacramento, CA 95814
+1 (415) 512-0151  [email protected]

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Wine Export Program

Wine Institute’s California Wine Export Program helps cultivate sales of California wines in more than 30 countries with a dynamic program of marketing and sales promotion activities targeting the international wine trade, media and consumers. By providing timely data and expert analyses, we aid wineries in entering new markets and navigating the intricacies of the export landscape. We are also a key resource for importers, providing access and connections to California wineries seeking to develop new markets.

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International Representatives

Wine Institute’s experienced team of international representatives provides deep, boots-on-the-ground insights into export markets around the world. Their knowledge and support help participants in the California Wine Export Program navigate the intricacies of entering and doing business in international markets while expanding the reach of California wines worldwide.

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Regional Wine Organizations

Learn more about California’s diverse wine regions and all they have to offer

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