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Behind the Wines

Go behind the scenes and learn all about California wines. Explore our growing practices, diverse winemaking regions, sustainable wine growing and food and wine pairings.

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Paso Robles

What makes Paso Robles so special? Well, for starters, it's home to a staggering two hundred plus wineries and 11 sub-appellations. Tucked away in the Central Coast, Paso Robles might still be considered a hidden gem...but there are big things happening in the region. Hear what a few of our favorite local winemakers had to say about what makes Paso Robles so special.

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Golden State of Mind

Take a cultural and historical journey through the spirit, innovation and principles of California's winemakers in their quest to deliver wines of distinctive character and quality.

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Lodi is home to some of California's oldest winegrape plantings, from gnarly Zinfandel vines to the world's oldest Cinsault.

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How to Read a Wine Label

Wine labels contain a wealth of information, if you know how to read them correctly. Our friend Amanda McCrossin of SommVivant breaks it down so that you'll be able to understand how to read a wine label!

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Falconer at Work

Meet falconer Tony Pantaleo and Ezra, a Harris's Hawk. Together they protect vineyards throughout Central California from "pest birds" like starlings that feast on ripening grapes.

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Cioppino was developed in the late 1800s by fishermen in the SF North Beach area. If a fisherman came back from a day at sea without any fish, he would walk down the port with a pot asking his fellow fisherman to “chip in” some of their haul.

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