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Golden State of Mind

You might say Californians are serious about wine and relaxed about everything else. Well, maybe not everything else: from a thriving technology industry to revolutionary green farming, we work hard and innovate constantly. But when you’re surrounded by natural wonder and constant sunshine, it’s pretty easy to smile. Of course, a glass of California wine always helps.

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Explore Our Wine Regions

As the world’s fourth-leading wine producer, California truly is the Golden State when it comes to wine. From cool coastal areas to warmer valleys, California’s wonderful year-round weather is as good for our wine as it is for our visitors.

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Spotlight On Monterey

It was once thought that this coastal region was too cool for growing winegrapes. But now it’s known for being one of the premier growing regions in the Golden State. There are many reasons why Monterey County is a great place for growing wine. One of the most important is the climate, which is heavily impacted by the ocean.

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There’s always something fun to do in wine country. From tastings and demonstrations, to tours, festivals and farm-to-table dinners, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

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