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Three Ways to Celebrate California Wine Month in September

Join us in experiencing the excitement of the annual harvest season.

California wine Month wine glasses

September is California Wine Month, a time to celebrate the annual harvest season and raise a glass to the state’s 621,000 acres of vineyards, 4,800 bonded wineries and nearly 6,000 winegrowers. As California vintners and growers harvest more than 110 different grape varieties for the 2022 vintage, wine lovers around the country are invited to join the month-long festivities. These range from get-your-hands-dirty harvest experiences to special wine tastings to food and wine festivals. Can’t make it to California wine country in September? Don’t worry; we’ve got some fabulous ideas for bringing home the excitement of California’s winegrape harvest.

Here are three great ways to celebrate California Wine Month.

1.  Join in Winery Events and Experiences Across the State

California Wine Month dinner

More than 24 million people from around the globe visit the state’s diverse wine regions every year, and California Wine Month is one of the most exciting times to do it.

Join wineries across the state for nearly 40 harvest-themed events, activities and experiences. These include behind-the-scenes vineyard and crush pad tours, grape-stomping throw-downs, wine and food festivals, hands-on harvest experiences, charity wine auctions, and lots more. For the latest updates on activities visit the Discover California Wines website.

2.  Pair Iconic California Dishes with Golden State Wine

Wine Country Chicken Salad

It’s no coincidence that California wine matches perfectly with the state’s farm-fresh produce and trend-setting cuisine. To help you experience this culinary connection at home, California Wines has teamed up with California Grown and Visit California to create the free e-book, Iconic California Dishes to Celebrate California Wine Month.

The book features recipes for dishes that evoke the state’s sunny and relaxed vibe—all paired with California wine and creative, wine-based cocktails. Bring harvest home with recipes like Avocado Salad with Hidden Valley Ranch-Style Dressing; Wine Country Chicken Salad; and the California 75, a classic wine-based lemon cocktail with a literal and figurative twist.

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3. Discover and Share California Wine

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Whether visiting wineries in person or online, there’s no better time than California Wine Month to pick up a few bottles to share with friends and family. It’s also easy to find a great selection of California wine at your local grocery store or wine shop. With 147 distinct wine regions throughout the state, there is always something new to discover.

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