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Holiday Gifts Galore

November 3—December 18, 2023

Cost: Varies

Address & Location:
Merry Edwards Winery, 2959 Gravenstein Hwy. N., Sebastopol, CA

Phone: (888) 388-9050

Email: [email protected]


Details: Whether you are looking for that certain something for clients, employee recognition or a special thank you to colleagues, we have the perfect gifts for your end-of-year celebrations. Choose from our curated collections, create your own ideal combination of Merry Edwards wines or send one of our large-format bottles to show your appreciation. We will help you build the perfect gift set to meet your needs, and we will handle the packing, the wrapping and the shipping for you. Contact us at (888) 388-9050 or [email protected] to order these memorable holiday gifts.

Holiday Gifts Galore

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