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Inland Valleys

Madera County

Madera, the Spanish word for lumber, was this county’s first industry. But it was gold that put Madera on the map. Mining started here in 1849 and continued well into the 1900’s. Today, the county’s fertile farmlands are its most precious resource, producing almonds, figs, cotton, tomatoes, and yes, wine. Visit →
Madera County wineries

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Events in Madera County

Drink Green: A Toast to Sustainable Winegrowing

Saturday, April 6

Multiple wineries, Friant

Participating wineries will celebrate Madera County's sustainable "green" winegrowing and winemaking practices offering special tastings and education on eco-conscious winery practices

Cost: $5.00

Address & Location:
Multiple wineries, 42415 Road 208, Friant, CA

Phone: (800) 613-0709



Details: Travel to participating wineries for “Drink Green: A Toast to Sustainable Winegrowing” celebrating Madera County’s commitment to sustainable winegrowing and winemaking practices. Taste a variety of delicious wines and “drink green” while learning a few things about what makes our wines eco-conscious: -Owl Box Programs -Grape growing using non-tillage and micro-irrigation management for efficiency. -Energy efficient building materials and equipment in winery buildings and vineyards. -Vineyard composting using biproducts of wine filtering. -Farming and planting methods for best land and water usage. -Certified Organic Winemaking Programs -Solar panels powering wineries, buildings and water wells -Recycling programs used at the wineries. Participating wineries will have education on winegrowing and winemaking, along with small bites and live music at various locations. Check our website for a list of participating wineries.