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Masút Vineyard and Winery

Address & Location:
PO Box 348, 301 Reeves Canyon Road, Redwood Valley, CA Latitude: 39.26739, Longitude: -123.20612.

Phone: (707) 485-5466


Details: We grew up in the vineyards of Mendocino County. Our grandparents, Barney and Kathleen Fetzer, moved here in the 1950’s, and Barney’s passion for wine led him to establish Fetzer Vineyards in 1968. Together they had eleven kids, and they worked endless hours to help make the family winery an industry leader in premium wines. In the early 1990’s, the Fetzer Vineyards brand was acquired by Brown Forman, and our father, Robert Fetzer, was eager to begin a new chapter. In 1994, he purchased a 1200 acre property and named it Masút, a Native American word meaning “dark, rich earth”. His intention was to remain a farmer, and he envisioned a place where he would be able to grow the finest Pinot Noir possible. In 1997, we began planting the first vineyards at Masút, and by the early 2000’s many wineries were beginning to see the potential of the site. In 2006, our father tragically passed in a rafting accident at the age of 50. More determined than ever, we felt a need to continue to move forward in his honor. We spearheaded a petition for a new viticultural area called Eagle Peak Mendocino County, and decided to convert a barn on the property to make wine. In 2011, our first vintage was released, and we dedicated it to our father. Our goals remain steadfast, to produce a great bottle of Pinot Noir from this new growing region, continue our family legacy in the wine business, and to have fun along the way!

Masút Vineyard and Winery
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