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Foggy, cool and moody, Mendocino County is home to the world’s tallest living tree, a coastal redwood that stands at 112 meters (370 feet). 60% of Mendocino county is covered in redwood forest, while vintners make good use of the rest. Visit →
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Frey’s April Virtual Tasting

Frey Vineyards Virtual Tasting, REDWOOD VALLEY

Frey's April Virtual Tasting & Organic Spa Magazines Cocktail Hour! Hosted by Organic Spa Magazine, Katrina Frey & Kwaya Cellars When: Wednesday April 14th 5:00 pm PST.

Frey Vineyards logo

Cost: 45.00

Address & Location:
Frey Vineyards Virtual Tasting, 14000 TOMKI ROAD, REDWOOD VALLEY, CA

Phone: (707) 485-5177



Frey Vineyards logo Details: The April Tasting package includes the following 3 bottles & an invite to attend the April Virtual Tasting Event where Katrina Frey and Nicky Coachman-Robinson will discuss the new label collaboration of Kwaya Wines celebrating unity and African culture, during Organic Spa Magazine's Wellness Experience Cocktail Hour. 2019 Kwaya Organic Chardonnay 2019 Kwaya Organic Sangiovese 2019 Kwaya Organic Merlot ***Place your order by 4/6/21 to receive your wines in time for the event! This virtual tasting is the cocktail hour of Organic Spa Magazine's Virtual Wellness Experience taking place on April 13th-14th. To learn more about their event and to register, visit: